CEX.io Review

This seems to have changed in recent months, at least in terms of the fee transparency. The site provides a registered address in London, but the site itself does not provide details about the team. The address could also just be a mailbox and not an actual office.

CEX.io Account Types & Limits

  • Unfortunately, you will pay high deposit fees when funding your account, though domestic wire transfers can be used at no cost.
  • A minimum loan amount of $500 applies, with a minimum term of seven days which we think is reasonable.
  • However, various cryptocurrencies and/or purchasing and trading pairs are only available when using certain CEX services.
  • This exchange has excellent security practices, and since its launch in 2013, it has never lost any of its customers’ funds.
  • This exchange was launched in 2013 and has never lost any of its customers’ cryptocurrency funds.
  • The upside of using the platform is that the fees are much lower.

Real-time notifications of orders being executed or canceled are also presented on the screen and you can set customized price alerts. While having accounts with different trading terms can be beneficial, here we think the simplicity of the single account model is attractive, especially for beginners. An inactivity maintenance charge will also be applied to accounts with a balance of less than $5 and no activity in 12 months. All nine tiers thereafter charge 0% maker fees and progressively lower taker fees. While the number of tokens is lower than alternatives like Coinbase, there are enough opportunities for most aspiring crypto traders.

What can you trade?

Registering with CEX.IO will unlock all crypto opportunities from a single account. This includes access to a digital wallet, spot trading, and earning possibilities. So, that’s my CEX.IO review about one of the world’s most popular fiat-to-crypto exchanges. Now that you’ve finished reading this review, you should have a better idea of what the CEX.IO platform is, whether it’s right for you, and is CEX.IO legit, in the first place. Even though it has plenty of features, the exchange is still very easy to navigate. For those looking for an alternative to CEX.IO, Kraken offers a secure and extensive platform with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

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Click the link on that email to finish the process of creating the account. You can provide your phone number for additional optional verification (though possible later as well). As https://www.tokenexus.com/ expected, the service also enables margin trading via CFDs (Contracts for Difference) as well as increased trading (and risk) possibilities via the use of leverage of up to 10x.

CEX.io Review

Robinhood’s Crypto Business

Transaction Fees

CEX.io Review

CEX.io Review

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